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Can I have a tour of your Service?

Tours can only be conducted if we have positions available for your child and they are by appointment only. The reason being is to ensure the privacy of the children in our care by limiting the number of visitors who walk through our Service. Additionally, this is beneficial in allowing enough time to show you through our Service and to answer all your questions at an appropriate time of the day. If we have a position for your child and proceed to book a tour, we will hold those positions for you until you’ve had your tour.

How can I join your waitlist?

If we don’t currently have any vacancies, you have the option of joining our waitlist. This consists of filling out a Wait list Form which provides us with the basic details about yourself and your child. No fee is required to be placed on our waitlist. To download the form, simply click the “Download Form” button at the top of the page. Once you have filled this out and emailed it back to us, we will place it in the appropriate waitlist based on your child’s age and we will contact you if anything becomes available and book in a tour then. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee when positions may become available. We recommend joining the waitlist well in advance prior to your desired start date, as you will have a more likely chance of being offered a position.

What is the difference between your Long Day and Pre-School hour sessions?

The only difference between the sessions is the hours of attendance. All children have access to the same learning routines. The sessions are available to suit every families needs or to meet approved CCS hours from Centrelink. A lot of people get confused thinking that our Pre-School session means that it is a specific Preschool program for the children, when it’s really just a shorter session offered for our families at a reduced rate.

What is Child Care Subsidy?

We are an approved service provider for the Child Care Subsidy, which is the main way the Government assists families with their Child Care fees. The Child Care Subsidy that commenced on 2nd July 2018 is paid directly to the Service and the families pay the remaining gap of the fees to the Service as well.

For more information about the Child Care Subsidy visit-

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What happens at Orientation?

Before your child starts at our Centre, we ask you and your child to come and spend some time with us for an orientation, which is usually booked the week prior to your child’s start date and it only goes for about an hour. This can help to make your child’s first day less daunting, particularly if they are new to childcare.

Orientation is a process to enable you to share important information with the teachers who are caring and educating your child. This will ensure a smooth transition from home to the Centre for you and your child.

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