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It is our belief that everything that occurs within our day is preparing your child for school. It is for this reason that we do not have a set “school readiness” time, because ultimately your child is involved in experiences that will prepare them for school from the moment they walk through our doors. Each rooms routine and educational program is planned based on individual needs and their interests and includes experiences in music and movement, literacy, numeracy, creative arts which is incorporated through play based learning.

Planning, Documenting, and Evaluating

Under the National Quality Standard (NQS) “each child’s learning and development is assessed as a part of an ongoing cycle of planning, documenting and evaluation”. The cycle of planning, documenting and evaluating each child’s knowledge and skills includes- creating a learning program, developing quality interactions with children, interpreting and analysing learning and development for both groups and individual children and finally evaluation of the program.

We believe that this is best achieved through rich, detailed and meaningful observations that encompass the whole child and their learning. Our programming and planning is supported by the Early Years Learning Framework and our Educators use this to guide their decisions to interpret and assess children’s learning and development.

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